StomperNet Coaching/Mentoring

What is Coaching/Mentoring with StomperNet?

1:1 coaching is individual access to a professional StomperNet coach each and every week for a jam-packed 30-minute session.

Personal coaching/mentoring is a chance to get a new perspective and jump-start your business from an experienced business and online expert. Just like every major sports team needs a coach to stand on the side lines and see the bigger picture, call plays, push the players farther and lead the team on to excellence, every business and business owner needs the insights and perspective a coach can bring to their “game.” Sometimes you just need the missing piece to make your business thrive.


Most entrepreneurs and business owners are already hard workers and have a strong drive for success.

A coach will help direct that energy where your business needs it the most. A personal coach is there to help you work smarter and more effectively. Just as large ships are guided by very small helms, businesses can see success or failure with very small changes. Sometimes simple mistakes are made that have a drastic effect on the business, yet, if they had someone looking on with a different vantage point, the negative outcome could have been avoided.


StomperNet coaches have experience working with hundreds of business owners, they know what it takes to succeed online.

They advise on what to do next and will help navigate you and your business in the right direction. Their job is to keep you on track and not let you get side tracked or side lined by every new opportunity, product or gadget.  When you work with a StomperNet coach, you plan your strategy, flesh out ideas, set goals and the best strategy to meet them. A coach will hold you accountable to make certain you are meeting your goals. In addition, you can speak freely with your coach as one who speaks your “internet” language.


Many coaching programs cost hundreds of dollars and only meet with you once a month…