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If you want your website to be found when your customers search for you online…

“Here’s How to Get Targeted Search Engine Traffic and Dominate Your Market – the StomperNet Way!”

StomperNet, the world’s largest SEO and online business training company,
is now bringing you EXACTLY that… 100% “Done For You” SEO services!

Dear Online Business Owner (or soon to be),

Let’s get right to the point… if you’re reading this page one, or more of the following apply to you:

  • You want to find your website when you look in the search engines but it’s just not showing up
  • You can get your website to rank for a couple of days then it just falls back to page 100 again
  • You’ve read all the SEO training and think you’re doing everything right but nothing seems to be working

And it’s frustrating, right?

I mean how can you possibly run a successful online business if nobody can find your website online? It’s a bit like having a bicycle without wheels – if the wheels are missing, it doesn’t matter how cool your bicycle looks it’s just not going to go anywhere! And a website without quality, targeted traffic isn’t going to go anywhere either!

Here’s what you need to know…

Search engines like Google consider many factors when they decide where you show up when people search for your keywords online, but a main factor in good search rankings is quality, relevant backlinks. (It’s what we teach in our StomperNet SEO training and that one statement alone is responsible for many of our thousands of students’ successes!)

Some of our past students say more good things about the StomperNet Way of SEO than we ever could…

I know I can go back to my local market in Nashville and kill the market!
~ Chuck Taft
I thought I knew a little bit about SEO… but after coming here I realize only knew the tip of the iceberg.
~ Brett
Find out where SEO Pro is happening next and make sure you get on the bandwagon.
~ Zita Gustin
We have web pages and web sites on the first page of Google for nearly every keyword that we are interested in having that for, and that’s because of StomperNet.
~ Susie Otto
Now I don’t have a just a hope I can do what I want to do, I have knowledge that I can do what I want to do, to build an income to provide security for my family and for me.
~ Ken Noelle
I feel a lot more confident and I think I’ll really be able to help my business grow and do some amazing things in the next year.
~ Sarah Hudson
I usually rank 1 or 2 on Google for a lot of terms and 6 or 7 positions on the first page organic.
~ Chris McCombs
We went from making an average, over the last 5 years, of $5500 a month in revenue, to just this past January closing at more than $28,000 in revenue.
~ Cassie Cogger
My company grew almost 180%, that growth was enough land me on the 2009 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies as the 71st fastest-growing retailer.
~ Julie Swatek

OK, now that you know we know what we’re doing let’s get back to what we were talking about…

Fact: Getting a lot of QUALITY sites pointing to your website
is a sure way to get and KEEP great search engine ranking.

The Problem is…

How do you get these quality backlinks?

If you are the average business owner (or web entrepreneur) you’re probably already wearing too many different hats. And as much as you want to do a big, organized traffic-getting backlink campaign that will drive thousands of fresh eyeballs to your website, you normally don’t get around to doing anything about it.


You’re just too busy doing other things.

So your website just sits there, with nobody visiting it. Or very few people visiting.

And a website without visitors is like a bicycle
without wheels – it’s just not going anywhere!

Maybe you’ve tried to learn a little SEO to help your website rank well…

You probably got poor results, right? Or maybe you got lucky and had decent results, but the days of getting a decent ranking and not doing any work to KEEP  that ranking is no longer possible. You have to be diligent at GETTING and KEEPING your ranking to win in the search engines – and most people don’t have the time for that.

Getting your website to rank for a couple of days is the easy part.

It’s the getting and KEEPING your website ranking that will set your online business apart as a success – and when all the other folks are just playing along with the “Google shuffle” and constantly struggling to get customers, you’ll comfortably be sitting at the top of the ranking anytime your customers search for you!

If you want to Get and KEEP Your Website Ranking, This is For You!


StomperNet SEO Services

This is 100% Done For You SEO by the World’s Largest SEO
and Online Business Training Company, So YOU Can Focus on
Building Your Business While We Focus on Bringing You a
Constant Stream of New Customers from the Search Engines!

If you’ve had enough of your website just sitting there, getting no traffic, making no sales – this is for you.

Once we turn on Stompernet SEO Services for your website, here’s what happens…

  • You tell us your website and keywords, and we take over from there.
    This won’t work as well if you have a poor website or if you target the wrong keywords, so we will check everything out before we begin. This helps assure you get the very best results! (You may need to tweak your website a little.)
  • You start getting quality contextual anchor text backlinks to your website.
    Every experienced SEO marketer will agree that the best kind of backlinks to your sites are one-way links inside a body of text (like an article) from relevant authority websites… Google LOVES these links, and they do wonders for your search rankings!
  • You start getting higher rankings and more traffic to your website.
    Your ranking in the search engines will grow week-by-week, month-by-month. And not just in Google, but in Yahoo and Bing as well. The more backlinks you get, the better your web presence will be EVERYWHERE people search online.
  • You get a monthly report showing the results.
    In fact you’ll get a private login where you can check your results at any time. The report will show how your website rankings are improving over time and also tell us when and where we need to make adjustments – allowing us to dominate your competitors even for competitive keywords!
  • You start making more sales.
    Now, we can’t make any promises about how much $ you will make since it’s just our job to get you traffic – converting the visitor from a browser to a buyer is up to you once they get to the website.
  • The backlinks to your website are permanent.
    We can’t see why you would ever cancel your service, but even if you do the links that we get for you are permanent.  They will keep driving quality traffic to your website even if you do a silly thing like cancel later. Unlike other services who rank you from within their own blog network and turn off your links if you quit the service, the links we will get for you will remain alive and well forever!

It’s actually VERY simple when you think about it:  You need traffic, and you want GOOD, HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC.

You don’t want to spend countless hours building traffic and that is where SEO Services can help your business!

You get “DONE FOR YOU” backlinking and
traffic generation that gets REAL RESULTS.

In fact, you could see a huge jump up in ranking
often within the first month or less!
Instantly blowing past your competitors so fast
they don’t have a chance to know what hit them!

Imagine what that difference StomperNet SEO Services would make for YOUR business… For your LIFE?

While some businesses are closing their doors, consumers are still buying!  But they are shopping from home more and more.

What if you could have those people looking at your business ready to open their wallets for your offer?

How would you like to be one of the businesses that is thriving and flourishing?

  • Can you imagine your business ranking ahead of your competition?
  • What if your business could make MORE money?
  • How would YOU like MORE money?

With the Internet everywhere now, people research and buy the products and services they need online.  Your website is open 24 hours a day, convenient for any time they want to shop, even if you are asleep.

If your website is not on the front page of the Search Engine Results Pages, you could be out of luck.

That is why, for your business, StomperNet SEO Services brings you a higher Return on your investment than comparable marketing forms.  With our professional services and state of the art tools, we strive to push your site up the search engine results.

And unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) where costs and results are unpredictable, a properly optimized site should remain in the rankings. Thus it creates a long term positioning that will consistently bring in targeted traffic that is actively searching for your products and services.

So you’re probably wondering…